September 17th, 2013


Magnets, how do they work?

Last night I planted some seeds. I have no idea if they'll grow, the only time I've really grown stuff from seed was in commercial conditions - I can grow courgettes like a boss - or clandestine conditions, or in horticulture at school when we grew peas and beans. Oh, and I think I did one of those sponge-and-grass seed things once:

So we shall see. Then I sat down with Dr Wheel and Socrates and some electronic gubbins, and made magic happen.

Collapse )

And here's where I'm hoping for advice. Anyone know where I can get a strong normal type magnet that's about 1cm in diameter and about 0.5cm thick?

Meanhwile, Pronunciation Book is now down to Day 8, and the spectrogram made from the videos is nearly complete. Here it is:

More speculation here. Personally I am struck by the similarity between this and the suited faceless character that has come to symbolise Anonymous. I guess we'll know in 9 days.