September 16th, 2013


I make domestic bliss into a sport. Or something.

Yesterday was the first day since we moved into the new house that wasn't already booked well in advance to do things that weren't sorting out my craft room. The afternoon was booked for picking up a new desk for the YoT from Porirua (his first ever TradeMe purchase), doing a dump run to clear out the garage of empty cardboard boxes so we can use it, and participating in Meat!Fest with danjite and khaybee.

And oh, what a Meat!Fest it was! But first, to the craft room!

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I am leaning more and more toward taking another year off from academia, because my life is so full and every time I think about writing essays I think about all the other, more fulfilling things that I am doing right now, that I haven't yet had my fill of. I think about how much more mental and emotional space I have now for doing things that make me happy, and I think about how much more time I have for pursuit of said things as well.

And academia looks pretty damn grey by comparison. But, we'll see. I still have a month to decide.

And on that note, have a cartoon. It's about the little-known Rat Park drug experiment. You know that story about how rats addicted to drugs will push a lever for drugs instead of food until they die? This experiment demonstrated that the tendency towards destructive addiction in rats is associated more with their environment and how well it lends itself to fulfilment than with the drug itself. Basically, isolated rats in wire cages might push levers till they die, but rats in large spaces with other rats and toys to play with tended towards breaking their own addiction by choice. Read it - it's a short and easily accessible summary, and it's pretty damn myth-busting. Here's the original report (paywalled).