September 14th, 2013


Early start to main shear

Today was the first shearing day of the season - 21 polwarths that were suffering from lice that they seem to have picked up through the fence from a flock shipped into the neighbours. This was less gross than it sounds. Sheep lice don't go on people, and once you get the wool off it's only one treatment and they're good for 12 weeks.

Also, this client has a shed! OMG!*

80s fringe sheep are suspicious of my motives

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Also, it was a beautiful day out under the Orongorongos. And the sheep kept licking me while I was shearing them so I advised their owner to get a salt lick for them. I am glad they don't have sandpaper tongues like cows do.

*Normally I shear in the open using my cabled electric handpiece, usually in yards in varying states of decrepitude, with the likelihood of shade being about 50/50. Working in a shed with a proper shearing plant and a spring loaded pen door with separate shearing area is the lap of luxury.