September 12th, 2013


Ruthless. I have no ruth. Nope

Last night my shiny new craft table arrived and was installed in my room. It's the perfect size to fit exactly two of those plastic bins underneath. Being a costumer of some years, I had *shifty eyes* three bins of fabric and one of fibre. Plus one of costumes. *cough* So, it was time to do something about that.

I was fierce. I was ruthless. I basically cut out anything that was not potentially useful for a costume I already have in mind, or the sort of thing (calico, lining fabric, lycra, hessian) that gets used in lots of different things. And the largest pieces of fun fur, because burner. I reduced my fabric to one bin. ONE BIN. It's very full. Other crafty types will have some idea how hard this was. And I have set myself a rule - if I put a piece of fabric in that bin, I have to take a piece out. See? Ruthless!

Now I just have to find a home for my three ridiculous tutus and their associated piles of tubular crin. This stuff is all lightweight but bulky, so I think maybe suspended from the ceiling might work? Or maybe on the end of a long pole in one of the corners... hmm..

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Meanwhile, because the internet doesn't have enough wampas doing aerials:

(ok so I have no idea why it works in preview but when posted gets 'not found error to origin' message. for those having this issue, here's a direct link)

This is my friend tieke, an aerialist of some repute around here. She developed this counterweighting apparatus (called Flyweight Chains) herself, and when someone turned up at Spinfluence with a wampa suit.. well, what would you do? *ahem*

Also, the dome she's playing in? Made by another friend of ours who is named after a tractor and is the only rigger I know who works in a tutu. Yep, she made it herself and it can support four countem four aerial rigs at one time. Neato!