September 11th, 2013


I haven't had a good old farm rant for a while..

So about that nor'wester you were concerned hadn't arrived yet, pombagira... I think you can stop worrying now.

I'm pretty sure they have this in other countries too, right, like in far northern areas they have the foehn? Because New Zealand is made almost entirely out of a single spine of mountains (apart from that volcano bit up north but we'll ignore that) and most of us live on the eastern side of them with our weather coming from the west, we get a lot of this sort of thing. The thing is, it only happens when particular weather patterns come through, and these are predominant in spring. So from the central North Island down to Otago-ish, in spring we get what's simply known as the nor'wester.

In the Wairarapa where I used to work on farms, it generally blows September to November, and drives everyone bloody potty. We're talking 60-80km/hr consistent winds that you have to be out in. It wears you out and makes you cranky and makes getting out of it a relief. Hanging on to whatever you're holding gets to be hard work, walking is an effort, your dogs get to pretend they can't hear you, and it just kind of sucks because it's so damn constant.

Last night we got a taste of that in Wellington. Normally we don't get a lot of it here because we're right in the middle of the hills rather than on the lee side and that baffles it a bit. But yeah, up in Brooklyn, inside the shed, trying to build a shelf for our compost bin and alternately being jabbed by flapping bits of chicken wire and rescuing piles of boxes that were getting blown around? I remembered how much I hate the nor'wester. This morning, I donned my snowboarding gear as the tail of this storm dragged in a bunch of rain, and slogged down to work feeling Hardcore. Yeah.

So, um, spring is here, apparently.

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I also scored a table. I know I could have built one (thanks for the door suggestion vernacularity, I will tuck that away for future reference), but a) I'm sick of having to build things, and b) I needed a fairly specific size to fit the space, and buying materials is really no cheaper than you can get stuff on TradeMe. Bonus points for persuading the dude to deliver it. It arrives tonight, and then I can sort out the craft room in earnest and get things actually set up to work on Yorick.

Well, after I've shorn those sheep on Saturday, that is. ;-/

Also, Dr Wheel wins at sniping auctions. Yes, he is that annoying person who snatches something out from under you at the last minute. It's bloody awesome when he does it for us though. ;-)