September 9th, 2013


Wot I really did on my holiday by Tats

So this morning we were lying in bed and Dr Wheel commented how it's like being on holiday, because it's quiet and we can hear the wind and the birds and there's a cabbage tree outside our window..

.. and we have all our furniture with us. Clearly this means we are glamping. I kind of like that idea.

Also, I want to set up monkey bars on the front lawn, now that we have some front lawn. Who doesn't want monkey bars really?

Spinfluence went as expected. Once I was there and had let go of the idea of getting any unpacking done, I got into it. It was cold but our dorm had a heater and our random roommate was personable and friendly and the food was good and there was coffee and lots of people I knew through either circus mucking about or the burner community.

Four adagio workshops, one whip cracking workshop and a bunch of handstands and climbing on rigging later, I have some clue how to build a geodesic dome, am able to balance folks of 85 kilos about my person, and everything hurts. These things may be connected.

Last night I fell asleep at 7:30 and had to be woken up to go brush my teeth and get into bed. Dr Wheel had also done some more unpacking and our wee house glamping resort is looking more homey by the minute. And he sniped an auction I was watching and scored us a cheap mower, so now we can make our lawn suitable for doing handstands on.

I realised that if I did handstands every day as intensely as I did this weekend, I'd be good at them really fast. Only, right now I can barely lift my arms. And I have training today. Eeek.