September 5th, 2013


I would like to be two people, just for a week or two

It seems my next adventure in Thing Tats Is About To Learn How To Do is ring-making. Y'see, the Yorick project is about to get back underway thanks to the unpacking of several boxes last night and my hope of seeing the craft room floor some time next week. And for Yorick to do the glowy-eyes thing, he needs a ring that contains a magnet in order to set off the hall effect sensor that I'm sure I can remember where I packed it.. Umm.. anyway, yes.

So the idea is that I'll set the magnet in red resin, which will be conveniently the right shape through the use of a glass cabochon. This resin 'gem' will then form the stone part of the ring, and conveniently emit its magnetic rays willy nilly at Yorick whenever it happens to be near him.

Of course I've never done this before and have no clue what I'm doing, but since when has that ever stopped me? However, I've no doubt some of you have made jewellery before, so any tips or advice welcome.

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I'm still wavering about this weekend. The loogie-hoicking is continuing apace, although it doesn't seem to be getting any worse. I'm at a low ebb of energy because of the move and the equinox and also hello, blood week! [TMI for those wot are squeamish]I use a moon cup and they are not conducive to turning upside down in such positions as handstands because the movement of your insides with the inversion can break the suction, and then gravity happens, and then when you turn the right way up again, it can get messy. I hate feeling as if I'm using my period as an excuse and I guess I could go buy some tampons or something, but in combination with the desire to get the house sorted and the likelihood of the next free weekend disappearing into the distance, this is the worst timing ever for a weekend of circus training.

I know if I don't go I'll feel guilty, and I'll probably enjoy it if I do go, but right now the hassle and mess and general not-being-home-doing-things-I-need-to-do-eyness of it is making me indecisive. Fuckitall.

Someone talk me into it?

Also, if you like RPGs and Jennifer Hepler's work, you should back this. RPG in the Sime~Gen world. Yes please. Nuff said.