September 4th, 2013

deal with it

What happens when you try to do too much for too long

Last night I finally hit the wall. I got home to the news that a large southerly storm with potential snow was predicted for the next day, and my houseplants were still outside. And the locks needed putting on the shed but one door needs planing to make it fit in the jamb and the other is a funny shape and the slide lock we bought won't fit. A hasp one might, and we have one of those kicking around too, but I was in no mood to try it at that point.

I was tired and cranky and getting another bloody cold and about to throw my hands up, and the YoT (bless him) stepped up and helped me move all my plants inside and got the washing in and sent me funny things on the internet while I went and put my pyjamas on and decided to have a night off. Where 'have a night off' means measuring up the wood for our coffee mug shelf and spice rack, but not actually making them, then sitting on the couch with a blanket and Dr Wheel watching Prison Break (did I mention he got the media working for us? <3 Dr Wheel) instead of unpacking.

I realised it had been 10 days since I'd done that. Stopping to rest occasionally is a good idea Tats. Duh.

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Also, I meet a lot of folks out walking their dogs, it seems. Dog people are nice, and eeeeeee doggies!

Tonight, if it's not snowing (or probably even if it is) I plan to set up the compost bin. Yes, I bought one. I like the idea of a) compost, b) being able to dispose of food scraps for free, and c) not having things that make our rubbish smelly sticking around for ages. There's a concrete bit right by the shed where it'll fit perfectly. Also, I found more gardens that have been established but disused. They are decorative rather than food ones, but I like flowers so yay gardens! There's a lot of work likely involved in them, but GARDENS! And I'm allowed to make a vegie garden round the back of the shed too. Eeee!

Oh yeah, also a spice rack. It's like building shelves on a mini scale. I said I'd do that tonight, right?

Meanwhile I am crossing everything that this cold is just a normal one and I'm ok by Friday. Because nobody wants someone who's all snot and coughing crawling all over them doing circus stuff, and in my exhausted state last night I toyed with the idea of skipping Spinfluence in favour of pottering - because my chance of a whole weekend of pottering is disappearing into the unforeseeable future as shearing season looms large. But that's no reason to sacrifice something I've been looking forward to, right? Right?

So I got a reply from the IRD

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I guess that's something? I'm just not sure what. Oh yeah, and their site is back up and I did the maths. The current debt is $10,086. Less about $200 if he suddenly starts paying the $30 a month he's supposed to pay for this year. That's more than I thought. It'd pay for a fair bit of tuition now, wouldn't it?