September 3rd, 2013


Chugging away till 11pm, but damnit I have internet!

This morning I tried another route down into work - this time the Heaton/Bell/Thompson combo, with a wee shortcut through a disused concrete thing/park thing and past a surprise!soccer field. It took exactly 30 minutes, same as yesterday - so while it's no quicker it'll add some variety. Tomorrow I'm going to try the Dorking/Rolleston/Taranaki one, and on Thursday I'll try Heaton/Bell/Bidwell/Taranaki. Even if they all take 30 minutes, it means I won't be short of different ways to get to work, and they are all downhill. ;-)

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The plan is to try and have the craft room and the kitchen* sorted before I go away for the weekend. In a case of WTF timing, ages ago I bought a ticket to Under the Spinfluence, which is on this weekend. In my defence, it was before we knew we'd be moving, but it does mean that instead of spending this weekend leisurely sorting out my craft room and working on Yorick (whose deadline is fast approaching), I'll be doing hard physical stuff that hopefully involves climbing all over hot people and generally pretending to be a carnie.

And I got the first shearing call for the season on Sunday, and at some point I need to mow lawns, and I want to get out in the garden and do gardening because I found the heritage seeds that bekitty gave me in the move, and it's all a bit busy really.

I guess I'd be bored if it weren't, right?

* I actually have to make a spice rack. I've never made a spice rack. How hard can it be?