September 2nd, 2013


We has a house! I took pics of it!

Huh, so that was a weekend. Saturday = lifting heavy things, bathing, sleeping. Sunday = lifting heavy things, painting, cleaning, being rescued by awesome friends and taken to get food, sleeping. And now I'm back at work. But we have a bedroom and a kitchen and most of a lounge, and a lot of boxes. I can find my work clothes and managed to improvise a comb this morning.

The apartment is empty and clean and the dings in the walls are fixed and painted. This was my job yesterday as Dr Wheel stayed home and sorted out our living space. I ended up having to do some artistically-challenging work on the stairway wall because apparently Cack Green is not really a colour. I improvised by using a coat of Aspiring (a kind of muddy olive which was the right hue but too dark), and then light drybrushing of Willow Brook (seriously, who names these things?) until it was light enough. Dear landlords, please paint your house standard colours, otherwise you make life difficult for anyone trying to do repair work. *gnng* And then I wrote on the lids of the various tins of paint so that the next person will know what wall to put them on.

Anyway, it's done. Bye bye, central city living, hello suburbia.

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Who am I kidding? I love it! The bathroom is big enough to swing a cat in, there is sun and a garden, and Dr Wheel is noticeably brighter already. Many thanks also to vernacularity and grist for lending their time and vehicles to the transportation of delicate stuff. And my hat off to the YoT who worked two late evening shifts while all this was going on. I haven't seen him since Saturday. I think he's still alive..

Also, we have new internet, which means a new name for our wireless network. We have been Illuminati Disco Squad for a couple of years, so it was time for a change, and this time Dr Wheel did the picking. While setting it up he noticed that someone nearby had named theirs GCSB Surveillance Van No 8. We are allowed 2 wireless networks on our plan, so now we have GCSB Surveillance Van No 21 and NSA ipv6 Help Desk. Just making their job a bit easier...

La la la.