August 29th, 2013


My plumber's crack, let me show you it

So that plumbing thing? Turns out installing a waste disposal isn't all that hard - as long as you have three hands. A part of me that I sternly tell to shut up on a regular basis was vaguely hoping that someone else would come along and do this job, because I've never done it and so my fear of ballsing it up and flooding the kitchen or causing chopped-up food geysers was niggling away there. However, a much louder voice was going "How hard can it be?"

You may be familiar with that voice. I certainly am. It said the same thing about shearing, pressing to handstand and making scalemail. Anyway, this thing came with instructions and pictures. Peasy!

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And in my peering yesterday at pictures of Cullen, I realised that his shirt has chainmail sleeves. Luckily, I have a few clues about how to make that now. And Dr Wheel apparently dreamed that my next costume was a biker one and I went and bought a motorbike. My response? "Could happen."