August 28th, 2013


I'm a waste disposal genius!

So for something new and different, last night I tried my hand at some DIY. First there was plastering little chips and dents in the walls, including the large knee-shaped one where the YoT tripped on the stairs and saved himself by wall/appendage leverage. Then there was attempting to replace the waste disposal in the kitchen, which has never worked properly.

I'm pretty pleased with myself that I worked out how it all goes together, and I could totally do this - only, the current one has an outlet that sits 5-6cm lower than the new one. This means that the pipe it feeds into is 5-6cm too short, and I need to get an extendy thing before it'll work. Foiled! So today I'm off to find a very short piece of pipe. First I'll try Bunnings, if that's a fail then I'll trot up to Plumbing World. If I get this thing installed and working today I will a) pat myself on the back, and b) kick myself for not having done it soon enough so we could use it. Why is that always the way?

Meanwhile, the house in all its bombstruck glory will be listed today. It's not going to look like Better Homes and Gardens in the ad, but you know, the ad for the house we're moving to showed the bathroom (which is nice) and one extremely messy bedroom, and 4 shots of the view. So while poncy pics would be nice, getting the ad up is the priority. We can always take better ones when the stuff is out if necessary.

This moving thing is coming together quite nicely.

Meanwhile meanwhile, Dr Wheel agreed to be Cullen. In the game, Cullen's job is to chase mages and drag them back to the Circle*. In order to prevent the mages from fireballing their captors and running away, they're kept in ensorcelled manacles. *ahem* Hilarity ensues. But seriously, wouldn't a set of glowing manacles with runes on them just complete the costume? Especially in combination with the apostate mage one I already have.

Note to self: must finish other projects before starting this one.

* Well, he's a bit high-up in the Order so his job is more likely to be dragging lower-ranking Templars out of brothels, but you know.. artistic licence.