August 27th, 2013


Let me fondle your pauldrons

The packing continues apace. In the past I've always transported things like plants and breakables and pictures by car, usually in advance of the move. But this time, using a car is a pain because the car isn't handy, and we won't have it on Saturday. grist has offered to help, so we may be able to use his car as a pack animal, but meanwhile all the things I'd normally have cleared out of the house by now are sitting in piles. It looks.. like someone's moving, and we're running out of box-stacking space.

On the upside, there's not a lot of incidental packing left to do. Also, we have a lot of books. Books are heavy.

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Also, I am Tumblr famous, at least temporarily (thanks laughingmagpie for letting me know). Yesterday I sent a tweet to Mike Laidlaw, who's the lead designer for the Dragon Age games. I included that scenic pic of me on the cliffs, cheekily suggesting that Bioware should open a studio in Wellington. He retweeted it (OMG) and apparently now it's on Tumblr. I have a Tumblr but I've never really used it because I can't access it from work and it was too much effort to check from home. But I'm kind of waiting for the moment when the YoT sees it and is all like "Mum you are shame*" and the your mum jokes start.

*Actually he thinks it's kind of cool that I'm a gamer geek that makes stuff. Which is nice.