August 24th, 2013


Brainfart: Unleashed!

Bet you thought I'd forgotten about this project. I hadn't, mostly just got sidetracked with analogue making for a while. And tbh the bit this was stalled on was analogue too. I needed connectors to include the voltage regulator and fuse into the circuit in an easily interchangeable way. And now they're in. Vis (running a basic test pattern, 20 second vid):

For those who are new, this is a wearable art project that involves a microcontroller, an RC battery and a bunch of RGB LEDs. Eventually it'll be called the Hypnotutu, but right now it's the Brainfart and this is a milestone in the project - getting it off mains power and into a portable format.

Next step: make pouches for the gubbins so it can be worn, then make the supporting tutu arrangement. Then I'll have a working prototype. Possibly not by Under the Spinfluence, because housemove.

But, yay! Progress.