August 23rd, 2013


Things that made me feel better yesterday

alphamatrix dropping round and hanging out with us. We'll miss having her as a neighbour.

The guy from the tenancy management service telling us our rent expectations are realistic. Also offering to let us pick from their list of clients for someone to call as a referee. And coming across as the sort of organisation that does right by the tenants as well as the owners. All this made me feel better about the prospect of renting.

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Suffice to say I'm feeling better today. I've decided to skip DNZ this year and save my money. The RoW isn't going anywhere and if my predictions about DA:I are correct, it'll still be relevant next year.

And speaking of hot bodies doing hard stuff (yes we were), tonight we are going to this: The Dust Palace presents Love and Money. Circus-oriented theatre about the everyday lives of people who get naked for money. I like the irony of paying to objectify people who are performing a piece about being paid to be objectified.

Cos I'm like that.