August 22nd, 2013


Wah wah wah poor me etc

Today I am feeling somewhat disheartened.

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And I still don't know if Digital Nationz will be cosplay-friendly. I could just assume it will be and go anyway, but:

a) Nothing that has happened so far has made me feel welcome at this event
b) I am very new to cosplay and therefore somewhat unsure of even how to go about it.

It would be nice to know there will be a bunch of other, more experienced people there that I could interact with, that would get what I'm trying to do, that would make me feel welcome and that I could form some sort of community with. I don't know this, so it seems I won't be going.

And thus, I am disheartened. This is emerging as freaking out about whether or not we'll be able to rent our house out, because I'm a rockstar at transference. We interview the tenancy management guy tonight. Please wish us luck.

[edit] I got a response from the DNZ people:

@DIGITALNATIONZ: "Hi Tatjna, our stance is simply "you can if you want", but there are no planned Cosplay competitions etc. Cheers ^JG"

So, I don't know.