August 20th, 2013


Tell me about those bogans that trashed your house please

So we signed the lease for the new place last night. I liked it more on second viewing, and considering I liked it on first viewing, this is a good sign. And because we don't muck about, we have already sorted movers and changing the power over and are onto the internet stuff and scored some boxes to start packing.

I am something of a speed packing expert, and could probably pack up our house in 2 days if necessary. We have 2 weeks, which is an excessive amount of time and thus a complete luxury so we can pack at our leisure. The movers are coming on the afternoon of 31 August.

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But because we're new at this, advice and recommendations are most welcome.

And if you want to freak us out with tenant horror stories, here is the place to do it. I'll take it as a form of word to the wise and traps for young players advice, so that when we interview the guy we'll know what sort of questions to ask and what criteria to set regarding tenants.

I am having happy wee dreams of herb gardens. I didn't realise how much I missed having a proper garden till the prospect of having one again was dangled in front of me.