August 19th, 2013


We don't muck about

This weekend we watched the first season of Vikings. Afterwards we discussed it.

Me: Would you strangle a bear for me?
Him: It would depend on what the bear had done.

I'm not sure we'd have been the sacking and pillaging types to be honest...

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And I did the last of the work on the Regalia of Weisshaupt, then put it all on and weighed myself. Naked I'm 60kg. In this outfit I'm 70. That's complete with the boots and all. So, not the most lightweight of costumes but we knew it'd be like that. I'm not planning on going for the high jump in it anyway. Pictures of me prancing about in it in a week or two.

I was thinking about going to this. But weirdly, their site says nothing about cosplay. I realise that it's a side issue, but pretty much all of the larger expos at least give it a mention. Oh well. Also, I might be busy with house moving and stuff...