August 17th, 2013


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Thanks to everyone who checked in yesterday - I was surprised to find out we made global news again. Everyone is fine, it seems there were no major injuries or damage - partly by luck, partly because anything loose came off in the last one, and partly because this city is built with earthquakes in mind. For example, my building is listed as earthquake-prone - parts of it only reach 35% of current code.* Yet, picking stuff up off the floor was the worst we had to do.

Meanwhile, the earthquakes continue at a rate of about one every three minutes. The scale is diminishing and most are now undetectable (to me, anyway). Hopefully this'll be the last gasp from that group of faults. The atmosphere in the city last night was festive - everyone got to leave work early and we all survived another event. Folks giving each other rides, swapping stories, and being nicer to each other than we normally are.

We have a lot to be grateful for.

* We are obliged to fix this within a timeframe.