August 15th, 2013


Happy news and a lot of leather strapping, together at last

So I heard from DoomBoy, apologising for, but not explaining, the 'mix-up'. I'm still kind of angry, but apparently he'll be back next Wednesday or Thursday and by then I probably won't be. I dunno, is this a sacking offence? He's done a very good job until now, his rates are reasonable and we get along pretty well. I guess everyone gets one fuckup?

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And in happy news, my client from Saturday called me this morning to let me know that the ewe whose bearing I replaced had her lamb yesterday, and since the internal pressure has let up her bearing is staying in place without the retainer. Because I'm like that, I suggested he keep a close eye on her anyway in case there's another lamb in there that hasn't come out yet, or in case she shows signs of internal infection, but *fingers crossed* I think we can call that one a success!

This makes me very happy. So often these things turn out badly, and quite often I never find out how they turned out at all. This guy is fast becoming one of my favourite clients. ;-)