August 12th, 2013


A post full of late winter sheep related ickiness

Yay, I am back at work and more or less back to normal. Well, where normal includes not really being able to do anything without coughing up a lung, but I'm feeling a lot better and now it's just a matter of waiting for my lungs to catch up. I am supposed to be training today but I just called DoomBoy for a professional opinion because my boss was telling me horror stories of people who trained too hard too soon after being that sick and ended up dropping dead. Eep!

Anyway, on Saturday I did end up doing the sheep. Luckily there were only 5 (and a wee baby lamb), and they didn't put up much of a fight. Still, by the end of it I was far more tired than I should be. I just can't seem to get enough oxygen. Huh. I had been warned before going out there that one of the ewes had a bearing, and I suspected that I'd be expected to put it back in. This is the gross side of animal husbandry. And because Dana was visiting, she came along and took some photographs.

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Also over the weekend, I finished the tabard. 2,000 scales, and I think I have enough left over to make not only a codpiece, but also possibly a bikini as well. Any takers to be the lucky recipients?

It weighs about 3.5kg which isn't as heavy as I expected. It isn't heavy enough to completely prevent flying with it, for example, and I'm pretty sure I've had boots that weighed more than that. I don't think wearing it will tire me out, which is nice. And it has the added advantage that I'm relatively safe from sword-wielding bandits as well! ;-) Now to put the finish on the armour (which has also completed the weathering stage) and put that together, and finish the gauntlets, and then I will be pretty close to done.

I have a small male mannequin that stands in my office at work (don't ask), known as The Hoff. I am wondering if I should take The Hoff home to put this outfit on rather than keeping it in bags and boxes. Hmm.. walking through town carrying a naked male mannequin. Fun!

Also, Dr Wheel is home tonight! *glomps dr wheel* I missed him lots and soon he will be home yayayayayayaay! ;-D