August 9th, 2013


I am a robot. At least, I can be robot coloured if I try...

Today I am finally starting to feel better. No more wacky temperatures, a desire to eat something other than ice cream, and a cough that'd make any self-respecting farmer want to drench me for lungworm are the order of the day today. It's a relief. And apart from the possibility of having to wrestle sheep tomorrow, I have another three days to get fully well.

Looking out the window, I may even get a reprieve from the sheep. Also, I am a bit scared of what'll happen when I go back to the gym. It's now been over a week since I trained. Will I have lost much ground? I hope not. I guess the very fact that I'm thinking of training is good news, right?

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I am also going to drag my sorry arse to Fidels for a while, because one of rivet's friends from Melbourne is over and would like to catch up with some burners. I'm pretty sure I'm past being contagious, but I don't know how long I'll last.

And at some point, I should probably eat a vegatable.