August 8th, 2013



So I lasted most of the day at work yesterday before my boss came along and basically booted me out, telling me not to come back till I'm properly well.

Me: "Do I really look that bad?"
Everyone in the office: "Yes you do, go home you idiot."

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So, um, Not So Hardcore Ackshully. But it's ok, I'll stop whinging about my cold now that I don't have to try and pretend I'm well for the sake of appearances. I can just get on with getting better with no pressure.

Also, in case you missed it yesterday, it seems DA:I will have mounts. I have three thoughts about this so far:

1. Ponies, yay!
2. I hope they are not suicidal like the Skyrim ones.
3. The brief glimpse you get in that video shows the rider neck-reining, Western style. Now, neck-reining isn't limited to just Western riding, but that particular way of doing it, with the hand moving forward and down and the horse's head at a low angle, is very Western. Most English/European neck-reining raises the horse's head and the riders' hand higher up the horse's neck (even if that is bad form - sorry about that, it's just what happens). It bothers me, that. Yes, I realise it's nitpicky of me to say so, but if they're representing medieval Europe, perhaps using a riding style developed centuries later on another continent is somewhat incongruous? /wanker.