August 7th, 2013


"You look terrible." "Uhh... thanks?"

Today I am back at work. The jury is still out on whether I should be. At 3 o'clock this morning I was thinking that instead I'd be going to the doctor with a suspected sinus infection, but I seem to have won that battle. As soon as the shops open I'll be off to the pharmacy to grab whatever passes for pseudoephedrine these days* and hopefully after that I'll be sorted. Meanwhile, I tried taking the stairs up to my office the way I normally do, and by the time I got to the top I was embarrassingly out of breath. But I'm here. Bleh.

* Our government thought it could stop the manufacture of P (crystal meth) by banning pseudoephedrine. Naturally this didn't work, but it now means that sick people can't get the one thing that really works to alleviate cold symptoms. Awesome. Yes, our drug policy creators are not very smart. You may have noticed.

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I have been a bad LJ friend. I confess I have not been backscrolling the last few days and I have missed a lot of posts. Sorry about that. At this point it's probably too much for me to catch up, but I will try to be more present now that I'm stuck in front of a computer all day again.

In other news, the other day a couple of my friends were talking about items of my Mum's that they now have and how they make them think of her. rivet described her as 'fierce'. I think it would make her very happy to know that this is how my friends thought of her. ;-)