August 6th, 2013


No really, I make snot sexy...

My boss this morning - and I quote:

"Open plan offices are a giant agar dish. Quarantine is a good plan I reckon."

Yet another reason to appreciate my workplace. They are eminently sensible about the humanity of their workforce. This is my third day off. In most NZ workplaces, you are supposed to provide a doctor's note for any more than two consecutive sick days. However, this is not primary school and I like to think we can actually be trusted to make our own judgements. Normally for me, I feel a bit under the weather, take one day off and I'm fine. This time I did that and wasn't fine, instead it got worse. Thus, three days off. And nobody's clamouring for a doctor's note because hello, grownups here?

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Meanwhile, this morning there was this:

To which I went "WTF?" Who keeps a check on what their partner is spending on their own credit cards? And why is it up to him to report his wife's stolen ones? I think this person is talking shit in order to get a cheap laugh out of a stereotype. Either that or I come from a different planet from these people. I'm not sure which would be worse tbh.