August 5th, 2013



Pity me, for I am sick. No really, you don't have to. I am feeling enough self-pity for everyone. Yup.

I don't get sick. Which is obviously a lie, but this is the first time I've been properly sick since Mum died in 2010. I get 'under the weather' and then I take a day off and feel better. I had that throat thing last year where I was fine except for feeling a bit dizzy and as if I were swallowing razor blades. But now I have a cold and that means weird body temperature and muzzy head and hacking up a lung and not being able to breathe properly and WOE!

I really hate being sick. It's like my immune system is personally offended by the possibility that it's fallible and all my neurochemistry starts berating itself or something. Which I'm sure isn't healthy. Anyway...

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I did do other things this weekend too! Mostly it involved hanging around, sometimes literally, with a group of lovely ladies who make my life better both individually and collectively. There was a little bit of looking at LED art and envying other people their resources, a substantial amount of missing Dr Wheel, an aborted coding session with my brother on the Brainfart because he's got a different kind of lurgy that shouldn't be shared with my kind, and some adagio that could almost be described as clowning because, um, it could do with a bit of practice. *cough*

In between that I didn't get a lot of time for reading LJ - for those who are new I'm mostly only active here during the week. Sometimes I don't get to catch up, but I'm going to try.