August 3rd, 2013


Yes I am awake at 7am on a Saturday.

Not only that (actually woke up at 5:30 wtf?) but I just walked through Cuba Mall in my pyjamas and Ugg boots because someone who may be related to me, or may even be me, forgot to buy milk yesterday. Anyway, enough of that.


Eeeeeeeee! Etc. Here it is. You've seen the pics before, but look! I'm all famous and stuff. Woo!

Meanwhile, in the riveting world of scale mail...

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This whole thing is giving me an insight into the politics of armour. There are many many hours' work in something like this. Like, who would have the time to make armour this detailed, or more likely to pay others to make it? Rich people. Or, people who keep slaves.

So in canon for this game, there's a rumour that the head of the Grey Wardens is aiming for the throne of the Anderfels - and in DA2 there are hints that the Grey Wardens have some mysterious other mission that takes them away from Kirkwall. Meanwhile they have suddenly turned up in a new, very fancy uniform that screams "We have shitloads of money, yo!" And given that DA:I seems to be about a world war, I find myself wondering what role the Grey will play in that. What are they up to and will we finally get to go to the Anderfels? This concept art picture suggests we might:

What will we find there? JW...