August 2nd, 2013

fun and games

In which there are studs and rivets, all in the same day

I think everyone's pretty much over the earthquakes now. For a while I wasn't feeling them but in the last few days we've had a spate of them that have been noticeable, and the last three nights I've been woken by them - not enough to get out of bed and take cover, just enough to go "Are you awake? Good." ;-/

Thing is, broken sleep isn't just happening to me, it's happening to everyone. And even if like me you don't have a panic response every time the ground moves, the whole thing is a constant low-grade stress and it's making folks grumpy. People are getting sick and cranky and just enough with the bloody earthquakes already!

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Right, now I'm off to dig out the hessian I've been saving because it might come in useful for something.

This evening, we get a rivet. I have it on good authority (hers) that she will be at Fidels. I plan to be at the front of the tacklehugging crew, and am prepared to fight for that position. And I don't even have armour yet!