August 1st, 2013


In which Death's horse really ought to kick him in the face

OK, a question for the knowledgeable - why are cogs symbolic of steampunk? I mean, I know that cogs are a) part of lots of old fashioned machinery (and new-fashioned for that matter) and b) fairly easy to come by, but there are lots of things that fit that description - so why cogs? I see a cog now and I think 'steampunk'.

I guess you don't really get to see cogs outside of steampunk all that much, because usually they are inside the machine, not attached to someone's hat. But still - why cogs of all things?

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And it's also true that my life isn't entirely about videogames either. DoomBoy gave me a new training plan this week. There's one particular exercise that involves planking from a swiss ball, then using core muscles to pull your toes towards your head so you fold up like a staple, and end up in pike with your feet on the ball and hands on the floor. Like this:

I feel as if it should be very easy to press a handstand from this position, yeah? But I haven't had the courage to try it yet. Also, my shoulders haven't got over Monday's assisted weights session yet, and I'm a bit like a wet rag. But, maybe next week?

Tomorrow is supposed to be the day my blog goes up at Bioware, but for me it's more likely to be Saturday. Stupid time zones!