July 31st, 2013


Freedom's Call for Dragon Age Reverse Big Bang

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Freedom's Call, by Flutiebear. A young shepherd's life is changed forever when a mysteriously dressed stranger carrying a broken staff walks into his village.

Freedom's Call, by Fragilespark. "When he flees the Vigil with a raging Justice newly in his head, he has nothing. Yet by the time we reach that fateful moment in Kirkwall, he has Freedom's Call - a stave that only he can wield." This is my take on Anders' journey to Kirkwall.

Why does anyone do what they do?

So yesterday a package that clinked and weighed a lot arrived at work, and stirred curiosity among the admin staff. One of them must have volunteered to bring it to me back in the dungeon corner where I work, just so she could ask me what was in it. It was my scales, and so I had to explain what, why, and a little of how. That why question was kind of interesting. I mean, why does anyone do anything? And yeah, it's an unusual hobby, but not that unusual, surely? Lots of people make costumes.

What do I get off on about making costumes? Mostly it's two things - one is the production of something that's beautiful, authentic, or well suited to its purpose. The other is the thrill of working out how to make things work. So cosplay costumes and replicas and the occasional lightbulb idea are perfect for this. Looking at a picture (or an idea) and thinking about how to bring that into reality where previously it didn't exist, gives me a kick like nothing else does. And how is that different from making a pair of socks? OK it might be a bit more ambitious and involve a different mix of skills, but it's still just making stuff. Making mail is remarkably like knitting with pliers actually..

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Anyway, I could see that the person really didn't get it even after my attempt to explain. I think people are just different and get excited about different things. I don't see the point of rugby, yet it has a huge following here and some folks enjoy tying their identity and wellbeing to how well someone else plays the game. That's baffling to me, but it's obviously a pastime that's enjoyed and shared by a substantial amount of people. So who am I to be a snob about other people's hobbies vs my own? And I guess I can't expect folks who are motivated by other things to really grasp what makes me want to do what I do. The least I can expect is for them not to be snobs about my hobbies vs their own, and I'll do the same.

And let's face it, if everyone were into the same things, scale mail would be way more expensive. And life would be boring.