July 30th, 2013


In which Nokia's underwater capacities are tested and I don't sew my finger

My normal morning routine during the week is to get up, make my lunch, eat breakfast, make coffee and then take it back to bed and wake Dr Wheel up with it*. But, there just seems no point getting back into bed when Dr Wheel isn't in it. So now I'm getting up and having coffee in front of the internet. It's.. not as pleasant as sharing morning coffee with Dr Wheel.

Joel - He's Better Than The Internet!

Also, he informs me that Dutch supermarkets contain all his childhood treats. He's supposed to be buying camping supplies for Ohm. Which will win? Will he be sharing his tent with a wheelbarrow full of licorice?

* In the interest of honesty, he sometimes makes the coffee because he is awesome.

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This just in - the complete folly of the notion of drug testing beneficiaries is now demonstrated by evidence. Florida tested 4086 applicants and returned 108 positive tests. That's a rate of 2.6% - less than a third of the rate among the wider population. The net cost to the state of Florida was over $45,000, and that's taking into account the savings on the benefits of those who tested positive. Dunno about in the US, but in NZ that would support roughly 4 extra beneficiaries for a year. I'd rather that than pour it down the black hole of pointless drug testing, just a thought.

Meanwhile, I'm playing Life on Mars as the background to my activities of an evening atm. I've come to the conclusion that John Simm's superpower is being hot even when he's having a giant tantrum. Seriously, I could deny that man nothing. I think the US equivalent would be Ed Norton. Hmm..