July 29th, 2013


Down with this sort of thing

I'm pretty sure this week is the last week of the YoT's 30 day trial period in his job. He's been getting a reasonable amount of work and this week he has 30 hours of shifts. He seems to regularly get offered extra time too, and so far he's taken it. He's been diligently washing his work clothes every day (because they don't give you very much when you're only on trial - if he's taken on permanently he'll get more), and being all shower-all-the-time and responsible worker and stuff. And yesterday he thanked me for doing the groceries and vacuuming the floor. I was all "Are you sure you're not an alien?" Teenage young men are not supposed to be so.. biddable. Then, he was like that as a baby too, so maybe I just got super lucky. Anyway, go him. He's on his way and doing quite well at it. ;-)

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My rivets arrived this morning. This means I can put some buckles on and start dubbining the leather to make it soft. Why do I have to work again?

Meanwhile, today I have an appointment with the dental hygienist. Hands up who loves visiting the hygienist!

*crickets chirping*

Yeah. I love how my mouth feels afterwards, but I could live without the process. The day they invent a non-invasive teeth-cleaning process, I'll be first in line. Eep.