July 26th, 2013


For those who are new here, drug policy is my field of expertise

Wow. I just pulled an inch-long hair out of the skin over the bridge of my nose. It wasn't an eyebrow hair, it was just a normal fine face one, but OMG LONG.

It's my winter coat shedding, right? Right?

Meanwhile, this morning's musing: When I was a kid, my folks got a dog. She was a sheepdog, one of those ones that was never going to be any good at working sheep, so she ended up as our family pet. When she arrived, she had floppy ears. After about 6 months of Mum-style TLC, her ears pricked up and she was a prick-eared dog for the rest of her life - about another 12 years. Mum reckoned she must have had something wrong with them when we got her and when that came right, they went back to their natural position, but there was never a definitive answer and why it happened is a mystery to this day. Prick-eared sheepdogs are not impossible, but they are rare.

Anyone else ever have a dog that's suddenly pricked its ears up for no reason?

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Last night I finished the leather prep! I R EXCITE because that means dyeing this weekend. The YoT is working and Dr Wheel will be out of the country, so I'll stink out the house on Sunday when it won't bother anyone. Yay!

This morning I felt the wheel turn. I know it's only the end of July, but something feels a bit different. Maybe it's because it's sunny, I don't know, but I'm feeling spring around the edges of my winter right now. More yay!