July 24th, 2013


Pass the pliers dear, I feel a codpiece coming on

First, hello and welcome to all the new people who've landed here from punkymcmunky's friending frenzy (which is here if you're interested). It seems that I suddenly have a lot of people on my flist who keep chickens. There should be a club or something. I used to keep chickens, free range ones. I don't recommend free ranging if you like vegetable gardening, being able to find your eggs easily, or not standing in chicken shit every time you step outside in your socks. Sensible people have a coop and keep their chickens fenced in, away from anything they like and want to keep. Yep. No, I am not sensible people.

Second, last night I sent off my blog to Bioware. The reply was "Awesome!" It's now being sent to the editors for edity stuff - grammar and spelling apparently. I harbour an inordinate fear that they'll turn my writing into American spelling and I'll have to be a wanker about it. But I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. Meanwhile, OMG I'm gonna be on the Bioware site EEEEEEEeeeeeee!!!!!! *bouncebounce*

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This morning as I walked up the stairs to work, I found a fist-sized chunk of concrete sitting in the stairwell. On investigation, it seems to have fallen from the stairs and there's a crack in them as well. Cue some flurrying about and calls to the building owner, and now the engineers are coming back to check the building again. We are all still here because the first report said there was only cosmetic damage. Hopefully this will turn out to be more of the same. We're still getting moderate earthquakes fairly regularly, but I'm not feeling them at all. Huh.