July 23rd, 2013


More fun than a box of rubbing alcohol

Yesterday I only felt 3 earthquakes. I know there were loads more, since Dr Wheel seems to be Earthquake-Sense-O-Guy and he's been all "Earthquake!" every half hour or so for the last few days. But I seem to be oblivious to anything under about 4.5. Until I get to work that is. 5 storeys up, they suddenly get a lot more noticeable. When I got here, the little cardboard Evil Genius statue thing on my filing cabinet had fallen over. CARNAGE!

The jury's still out on whether the one on Sunday was the big one, or whether we are still building up to a big one. I am taking a fatalistic viewpoint, we are as prepared as we can be and now we just wait, I guess.

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And for my own reference, things I need to be making progress on over the next few weeks:

1. Bioware blog - almost ready.
2. Yorick - well in hand.
3. Legacy armour - ongoing.
4. Brainfart - stalled on a hard bit, so I need to set aside a day to get over that hump and just force myself to do it. I nominate this Saturday.
5. Daggers - approaching painting/final touches stage.
6. Magister Staff - now split into 2 projects, a light-free but strong Magister replica, and The Original Staff of the Glowy Moon Thing With Leaves, which is what I'll use the UV gubbins for. On the back burner for now.
7. Article about BZP for publication. Dedicate August to this. Well, some of it. At least one day a weekend and some reading time in the week, anyway...
8. Blade of Mercy - about to move from thinking stage to drawing stage.

All this has to be done by shearing season. By which time I'll have more things to do, because that's how I roll. And then I really ought to apply for a scholarship and enrol in university like an adult. But right now, I'm having far too much fun making stuff and I'm not keen to go back and be all serious about serious things. Maybe I'll get over that?

Maybe not.