July 22nd, 2013


Shakytown reclaims its name, Tats cuts things up - a normal weekend really

So, hands up who in Wellington is having an impromptu day off because their building hasn't been given the all clear yet? *sticks up own hand, also holds up hands of grist and ferrouswheel*

For those who didn't know, Wellington's been getting a spate of earthquakes, starting with the one I mentioned on Friday and carrying on with a bunch around the 4-5 scale, and one last night that was apparently 6.5. There have been no deaths or major damage (Wellington having been built with earthquakes in mind and also through a large chunk of luck), but precautions are being taken regarding structural damage and safety, so buildings are being checked before folks are allowed in them.

Personally, we've had to pick stuff up off the floor that fell off shelves, but all our tall furniture is bolted to the wall and ornaments stuck down, so it hasn't been too bad really, just a bit of wondering 'is this the big one?' and some quick dives under desks.

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So, a productive weekend. And since I now have Surprise!Day off! I'll carry on with some of this stuff. Next up, how to prepare old leather for dyeing, cutting fabric to shape for a jacket and tabard, making armour plates, and Yorick horn carving. That should see me right for the day, right?

And with all these half-completed projects on the go, I will hold our building up by sheer force of will if I have to. Although, touchwood I haven't felt an earthquake since last night. It'd be nice to think it's finished now. Also, most of the earthquakes have been centred in Seddon (by the way, not the Seddon reported by the Las Vegas Guardian). Thinking of the folks living there today.