July 19th, 2013


In which I resist licking people because I have some scruples

You know those innocuous little 'like' buttons that are popping up everywhere on sites? I'm starting to think it's time I took a stand against them by refusing to use them. I mean, I could be all IT'S LAZY! but actually what bugs me about it is that so many bloody sites have it linked to Facebook, which seems to have its claws in so much of the internet these days that I kind of avoid it on principle. I hate monopolies. And if it's not a Facebook one, they make you sign up to the site. Or you can 'comment with Twitter' which means you have to let the site have access to your account. No thanks to all of the above.

Call me a luddite or a curmudgeon or some other archaic word that means 'whinging fucking moaner' but I'm not sure I'm keen on the way that social media sites and actual media sites have coalesced into this amoebic entity that means the hip site is connected to the thigh site* and it doesn't work properly if you don't give both of them all your info. It's probably convenient if you are registered to both, but it also feels like I'm being railroaded into joining the borg. Get off my damn lawn!

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I can't be the only one who's like this, surely? But again, it's one of those things that society has deemed unmentionable. We are all supposed to smell like soap and perfume, but I prefer the smell of people, and while clean is good, scentless is just weird. And Lynx should probably be banned for the sake of my olfactory cells and those of anyone who shares a bus with the wearer, mmk? Armpits - they smell better than Lynx! (don't book me for your ad campaign)

So there was a 5.6ish earthquake in Wellington this morning. It was a biggie, a longie and a rollie. It was the first time I've actually got under my desk for one, but the rollyness of it saved there from being any real damage. Of course Twitter went nuts for 10 minutes. Award for best tweet goes to Happy with:

"I walk in the office door and everyone jumps under their desks. Did I forget to put pants on this morning?"

Because in Wellington, we take earthquakes really seriously. Yup.

*Yes I know that amoebas don't have bones. I reserve the right to butcher metaphors indiscriminately because it's Friday.