July 18th, 2013

fun and games

Stabby and stabbity, at your service

I have a numb leg. I know it's related to my back, but it surprises me that this came on after a couple of weeks. I'm guessing it's something pressing on the sciatic nerve, and it started after all that sitting on hard chairs at Au Contraire on the weekend. Every night it starts to improve and every day at work, sitting all day aggravates it. If it's not better by the end of the week, I'll book myself in to see someone about it. Someone who will tell me it's sciatica and that all I can do is exactly what I've been doing, I suspect. Spot the person who's dealt with sciatica before..

Oh yeah, sheep to belly crutch on the weekend too. Joy. I have about 2-3 months before the annual round of sheep-denuding starts up again, in which I need to finish all my projects and get my body sorted. Wish me luck.

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Also, pombagira came round last night and measured herself up for Yorick, so now I can get started on that. I haven't forgotten about the Brainfart either. I am actually considering making a gant chart for my projects - not for what's involved in each of them, but to try and arrange them in a decent order to spend time on them in between all the other things I have to (want to) do, while leaving room for all the things that keep popping up saying "Do me!" in between.

Because right in the middle of a creative obsession is the perfect time to bang out an academic article, right?