July 15th, 2013

fenris 2

Diving headlong into cosplay

This weekend was supposed to be the weekend I finished the Magister Staff. But instead, first thing Saturday I dropped it and broke it - again. This is a signal to me that there's a design flaw big enough to make it not worthwhile persisting with. I haven't given up, but it needs a rethink so that's on the back burner for now.

Meanwhile, I was lamenting my midwinter lethargy, wondering why all of a sudden I'm sinking into poor discipline, bad eating habits, things I know will make me feel bad - to the point where I actually asked Dr Wheel to help me snap out of it. Then I realised, last Thursday was the anniversary of Mum's death. That winter of 2010 was one of the worst of my life, with everything spiralling out of control and my entire existence focusing around preparing for the inevitable in all those ways that you don't realise when you see the cosy pictures of family around bedside. The family around bedside is a tiny part of what goes into supporting the dying, and the rest of it ate my life and caused me enough stress so that after the funeral, I got sick enough to spend an entire week in bed. I'd been holding it together by a thread and when I didn't have to any more, that thread collapsed. I haven't been sick since, basically. So anyway, I realised that there's probably a part of me that responds to the depths of winter with a certain revisitation of that feeling now, in that way we have of nostalgically reliving things based on external inputs. I did it last winter too.

Anyway, now I've had this realisation and the anniversary's past, things should start to improve. And just to give that idea some impetus, this weekend was one of those unexpected inspirational ones.

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So that was fun, and certainly got me out of my blahs and doing something with the enthusiasm for which I'd like to be known. I enjoyed myself and ran into a bunch of like minded people. Interesting that most of the costumers were into steampunk, and most of the folks who were interested in how I made my staff were men. The con was focused mainly on writing, but I guess if I want to see more costuming related stuff there, it's probably like every other thing I've been involved in - a do-ocracy. I wouldn't know where to start, but this has certainly lit my costuming fire again.

And now I know a bit more about medieval weaponry, I plan to first make a dagger, because all mages carry a dagger and I feel a bit bare without it. Then I thought I'd have a go at the Blade of Mercy (otherwise known as the Giant Sword of Overcompensation). It glows from within - can't remember why - but I think it'd make an interesting LED project.

Damn, more projects.