July 12th, 2013


Well golly

So thanks to all the various economic and accountancy approaches put forward yesterday, it is now clear that Dr Wheel owes me $40. No, he insisted that this is the correct way of seeing it. Because he got his $100 back so I'm out $100, then we shared the $80 for cleaning, so I'm now out $140 and he's out $40. We split the rug money $80 for him, $100 for me, and voila!

Oddly enough, he agrees we should just spend it on dinner. And no, we are not going into rug futures and I suspect the opportunity benefits outweigh the opportunity cost to having sold this rug - the carpet is just as rollable-aroundable-on, and takes less cleaning and clothes brushing.


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Today it is Really Cold. I can already hear you folks in countries with snow and negative temperatures rolling your eyes and going “Sure, feels like 4 degrees, whatever, harden up!” But a) it’s all relative to the temperatures you’re accustomed to, and b) in Wellington, 4 degrees comes with a miserable wet southerly and wind that blows right through you. Also, I’ve heard folks from Sweden and Canada say they’ve never been as cold as they have in Wellington, because in those countries they have sensible things like double glazing and insulation and central heating. Because they are sensible.

NZ is a South Pacific Island, and apparently we don’t need no stinking insulation. So that 4 degrees outside? It’s 6 or 7 degrees indoors. Our house is slightly better because it’s insulated and has some double glazing, but I’m still in a hat and woolly socks and layers of fluff. And Ugg boots. And if I’m wearing Ugg boots, you know it’s cold.

Plz be being summer soon..