July 10th, 2013


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That site from yesterday never got back to me. Instead they sent two auto-generated emails that more or less said "Oi, pay up now." Guess they don't get my money then. Ah well.

Meanwhile, I've been having problems with my back since I got back from Australia.

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I am not very good at being out of action. Action is basically my core principle, I learn, live, and express myself physically, and all this lying around business just makes me feel like a ghost, as if I'm not properly here. Also, if I don't train I feel a bit anxious, like I've forgotten to put my undies on or something.

And then I get bored, and that leads to mischief.

Linguists! Is there, or is there not, a relationship between the words 'aesthetic' and 'kinaesthetic'? Enquiring minds want to know..

PS I am wearing Ugg boots. I make no apology, it's really cold today and I'm not moving, bugger it all.
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Arts and Crafts with Tats part a zillion

It's finally finished! That is, the third instalment of Tats' Staff Making Obsession. This time, Cold Blooded. I wanted to make this one because I thought doing the ice would be a challenge and, well, it was. Here is the picture I worked from, with added notations that are basically measurements to get the scale right:

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So now I have three staffs. While Freedom's Call is still my favourite, I think this one is probably the most robust. It's also a bit shorter and reasonably light and well balanced, so if I were to cosplay (or do anthing else) I could carry this one without doing damage to other people, and it would probably stand a fair bit of knocking around before it broke.

Part of me wants to be a cheeky fucker and send pictures to Bioware and go "Hey look aren't I clever?" but part of me is also freaking out at the prospect of having my work judged by the people who had the original ideas. Here are links to the other two: Freedom's Call, and Enchanter's Staff Tier 7.

Still, I'll have a nice rack of staffs .. umm.. somewhere in the house.. when I get around to making one. Yep.