July 8th, 2013


Monday piecemeal

This weekend was one of those weekends where I felt like I didn't really do anything, but actually ended up with a bit of a list that made me feel as if maybe I'm quite productive at slacking.

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I want to be Oona Kivela when I grow up. Well actually, I want to be me, but able to do that stuff. Not asking much, nooooo...

Meanwhile, tell me again that our workforce is not being groomed for an abusive relationship. I particularly like this line: "They don't want to be the only one that's not because, basically, they'll end up with all the deadwood.". Because, you know, anyone who uses any drug other than alcohol at any time is clearly 'deadwood' - not productive or efficient or capable. But of course you don't know they're deadwood till you test them... oh wait. Surely if you want to 'weed out poorly performing staff', you'd look at their, um, performance? Not their urine? Maybe that's just me..

Note also that all the quotes are from people who stand to make money from drug testing. Such reliable sources! *cough*