July 5th, 2013


Oh crap, I committed to something

So. Dry July. Like FebFast, a good idea and the money raised goes to a good cause.

But part of me can't help but cast a jaundiced eye over the idea that giving up your favourite drug for a month is some kind of virtuous pursuit, to be marketed and sponsored and bragged about, when I could get thrown in jail for using my favourite drug even once. Even though mine isn't addictive, has no known deaths associated with it, and doesn't even register in the 'cost to health services' statistics. I could lose my job, in some countries I could have my kid* taken from me, I could be coerced into 'treatment' for my 'problem', and be rendered unemployable. And all the folks who are so proud of themselves for giving up their regular grog habit for a month could pat themselves on the back** for being so restrained and not a loser druggie like me, because the world only accepts one arbitrary method of altering your headstate.

I might be a bit bitter about this, and these self-denial campaigns really bring it out in me. I keep saying "It's for a good cause" and I really do think folks who do it are good people, and probably doing their health the world of good as well. Good on you all. I'd like to think some of you would spare a thought for those of us who don't get to.

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Meanwhile, rivet is being particularly interesting this week. Following on from the stuff about charm, there was an offhand comment about how people would be if they had been born a different gender. She actually put some thought into this, imagining her family and personality and upbringing, and how that might have turned out had she been born male. It's an interesting thought experiment. My conclusion about myself is that I'm kind of glad I was born female, because I'd probably be one of those awful macho men who was kicked out of school as a teenager and gets in a lot of fights. Or I might be the manager of a large South Island sheep station, because having a Y chromosome would not have made me stupid and might have removed some barriers. Either way, I really like where I am now and I wouldn't have been here, that's pretty certain.

And now I'm imagining all my friends gender-switched. It's .. equal parts amusing and terrifying.

* Ex-kid. I'd like to see anyone try to tell him what to do now. *ahem*
** I'm aware that this group includes some folks on my flist, and I'm also aware that not everyone doing Dry July is that ignorant, but it still blows me away (OK makes me fucking angry) how many people have this attitude and will happily espouse it while chugging on their glass of booze.