July 4th, 2013



This morning I topped up the YoT's phone for the last time, and switched off the calendar reminder to do it. A small part of me twinged at this, and I gave the small part a swift kick up the backside for being a control freak and a lecture on how he's a grown up and can work this stuff out for himself. I've never been an apron-strings kind of Mum anyway, but it's weird the little things that I'm all "MY BOY!" about. I mean really? Get a grip, Small Part!

Today will be his third day of work. Yesterday he did that thing - he talked shop to me. To which I smiled internally, because that's my kid over there, talking shop about his job. He's joined the social club - the McD's one is probably quite good because they are all young and go paintballing and play laserforce instead of going lawn bowling like *cough* some workplaces *cough* do. This week is training, next week he starts on full shifts. Gosh. I will be over here, feeling something very strange that's a combination of pride and surprise at how fast things change, with a little bit of Yay! and some bizarre nostalgia for the two-year-old who told me he wanted to be a fish and chip seller when he grew up. O.o

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Today I am wearing heels. I don't know what came over me this morning, but I decided that I needed to be wearing four inch heeled, knee high, shiny black boots. My walk to work is about 7 minutes and I was regretting it after 3. I haven't worn heels for over a year and I should just chuck the bloody things out because they are crippling - I can't run, skip, dodge, or even stride in them, and by the end of the day my feet will hate me. How do people wear these all the time? Why do people wear these all the time?

In other snappy dressing news, Dr Wheel bought a suit. He is speaking to the select committee about the GSCB Bill tomorrow, and he's decided to dress the part. I am all *om nom nom nom* about this - which I'm not sure is the reaction he's after - but picture it, if you will. Dr Wheel, in a suit, being all brainy and passionate about something he knows quite a lot about? I'd be persuaded, just saying.