June 27th, 2013


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Tomorrow I will be in Brisbane, and there will be rivet, and it will be warm, and there will be snuggles. It's my midwinter getaway and midwinter getaways with rivet are the best kind.

Meanwhile, last night I was back to being crap at handstands. Today my entire shoulder area, front and back, hurt like fuck. Wut.

Also, someone told me yesterday that my directness can be intimidating. I am not sure what to do about that. I used to be a master of deflection, and that did me no good at all. Fuck that noise, essentially. I don't like the idea of being intimidating though. Maybe I should just not talk at all, and go around smiling beatifically at people. And then they'd think I was up to something, right?

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And yes, I'm perfectly aware that this is not something anyone else anywhere ever gives a shit about. For those people, have this:

Guerilla knitting!