June 20th, 2013


Here, let me explain myself before you all hold a wake

I am not dead.

I was not in a meeting.

I am not currently being eaten by a bear.

And I most definitely will not be posting as resurrected zombie bear poop Tats next week.

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And yet here I am, blogging. Because that thing they say about writing is true. If you sit down and put words on screen, eventually there will be more words and some of them might even make sense. And if you make it a habit, then you do it naturally. Ta da!

And just so this isn't all introspective meanderings, I think Lower Cuba is becoming gentrified. Our downstairs kebab shop just got replaced with one of those fancy cafes that charge $9 for a glass of wine. Because Wellington doesn't have enough of those yet, right? The little specialty shops are slowly disappearing and being replaced by ones that cater to the upper middle class. And yet, since our building got listed as earthquake-prone, there's been an influx of students leaving cigarette butts in my plant pots and I find myself hoping that the strengthening work will get done soon so the rents go up and we get people who actually give a shit again.

So it seems that I'm caught between being a snob about students all up in my apartment building and having a chip on my shoulder about posh cafes moving into my neighbourhood and pushing out the crappy kebab shops.

Who said I had to be consistent?