June 17th, 2013


Obligatory Father's Day post that ends up being about everything but

So apparently it's Father's Day in America yes? That's weird. I say this because Mother's Day seems to be shared across all the English speaking western countries, but in NZ, Father's Day is.. some time in September I think?

Anyway, I am looking at all these Father's Day posts and going "Wait, no, that's not it. Nope." Also, my father is dead, and has been since 2004.

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Last night I looked up my old World of Warcraft guild, The Amaranthine Order. Turns out it's still going. They'll be celebrating their 10 year anniversary next year. Wow. Literally.

Finally, tonight is our BodyCorp AGM. It's almost as if someone went "Hey, how can we make everyone's Monday even more onerous?" I shall fortify myself with sandwiches first to avoid an attack of the hangries, and hope it's all over quickly. Next year, I'm totally making Dr Wheel go.