June 11th, 2013


All they'll find on my internet is drugs and fantasy mage smut

So some of you have probably heard of the NSA Prism thing. Those of you who haven't, probably should read this article, or better still, watch this video (warning, autoplay) from the whistleblower himself.

I don't clearly understand it myself, but the message I'm getting is that Prism collects information from the servers of certain large, high-traffic service providers or sites, and channels it to the NSA. Essentially, it spies on everyday internet use by people without any reason except that it can. The implications of this are pretty big, but one of the ones that makes me go "Hmm" is that it means that if someone does a thing the government doesn't like, they can then go have a look at all of that person's internet use, and see who they've talked to, what they've said, and what they've looked at. Retrospectively.

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Today is the E3 conference. EA just had its press conference, and I missed it. But I did find this - Dragon Age 3 trailer. It tells you little, except - Morrigan! In the role I suspected all along! Also, release window, fall 2014. In Southern Hemisphere anglophile speak, that equates to spring next year - August/Septemberish. Even though I'm partly going *gnng* SO.FAR.AWAY! I'm also glad they are taking their time with it. They have a few fans to win back, and although I'm on the side of having loved both DA2 and ME3, I'd rather they took their time and made a game that speaks to the concerns raised about the Bioware/EA collaboration. And that continues to justify my love for the world they've created.

So I can wait, but I can't wait! OMGOMGOMGOMG!