June 7th, 2013


Today is a cutlass day

So the YoT's been doing circus classes as well. He wanted to do something to improve his overall strength, flexibility and fitness, and so far he's done 5 weeks of classes. They've covered adagio, juggling, balance stuff, static trapeze, and last night, tissu. He's discovered that he's got really good balance but his flexibility is.. challenged? Basically, when he started, he could only get as far as his knees when attempting to touch his toes.

I'm told this happens when you grow fast. He grew from 5'7" to 6'6" over three years. So yeah, all his tendons and stuff are still trying to catch up with his bones. Anyway, after 5 weeks, he can now reach halfway down his shins. That's pretty good progress I reckon. When I mentioned this to DoomBoy, he pointed out that a lot of men can't sit with their legs at 90 degrees to their back. I was kind of shocked at this - I'd thought that was a basic level of flexibility that pretty much everyone had.

Anyway, that did put yesterday's whinge somewhat into perspective for me. I'm aware that I'm trying to do things that plenty of people don't even contemplate. And as one of my fellow class members (incidentally, two of whom are named Oleg wtf?) said, the goalposts are always moving. First you want to touch your toes, then you want to do a perfect pike, next thing you know you're going for a double backward somersault. And I'm lucky enough to have a level of health, strength and flexibility that allows me to consider these things as possible if I try hard enough. But I reserve the right to occasionally get disheartened because I work really fucking hard at this, and lack of progress is just as frustrating whether you're trying to improve basic fitness or do advanced gymnastics. Also, I'm surrounded by people who can do these things. Comparisons suck, but there you go - the bar for me is 'can press to handstand'. And I'm below it.

Meanwhile, we've been watching Game of Thrones. Who hasn't, right? I'm not about to do spoilers because that'd be mean, but I'm enjoying the continuation of the series. I like the believability of the world that's been built, and there are enough interesting characters and story arcs to keep my mind occupied. Also, dragons. Duh. But.. I don't think I'd like the author if I were to meet him. The glee with which he insults his female characters is .. fricking hair-raising, actually. I'm aware that the world he's created is misogynistic. I'm also aware that the series passes the Bechdel test and that many of the main female characters are strong and exercise power in their own way. That's awesome - but last night we watched the Red Wedding episode, and for me it was just wall-to-wall misogynistic behaviour towards women. There wasn't a story arc that didn't involve the insulting, denigration, threatening, violence towards, or objectification of a woman - and in most cases, the women passively accepting it. It was cringeworthy, and while the storylines justify it, as I said above it's the gleeful way in which the viewer is sprayed with it that bothers me.

I won't stop watching because hey, good story. But yeah, there's enough blood, guts and sex, enough morally grey areas, to make the series edgy already, and it seems the author (and creators of the series) like their misogyny just a little too much. Just saying. But.. DRAGONS!

Also as an aside, I just finished the first book in the Wheel of Time series. Seems there are a lot of themes from that world that have found their way into Dragon Age. Hmm..

Finally, fibre artists, knitters, crocheters and folks who like string! You should check these out. They are pretty, they are cheap, and the money will go to a good cause. Also, the lady who made them is cool. Yup. Buy eeeeeet....