June 4th, 2013


Owie owie owie, arts and crafts are hard!

OMG you guys, my art got claimed twice for the Dragon Age Reverse Big Bang! *squeesqueesquee* *ahem* I'm not really supposed to say anything about it but I will say the two authors both have great ideas that are completely different from each other and I'ma get me some tailor-made fic based on my art and *SQUEE* *nerdgasm*


So this weekend was Queen's Birthday weekend in Unzud. Yes, you're right, it wasn't the Queen's actual birthday. I have no idea why we have Queen's Birthday in June, but since it's the last public holiday we'll get till the end of October, I'l take it. For me, it was all about leather work.

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For those who have read this far, have a picture of Dr Wheel's latest sport: Cat Fishing. It involves the catnip toy on a piece of string, tossed out and reeled in. It would probably be sportier if Frodo weren't already so shitfaced he couldn't move, and just lying there watching it go past. That is not ennui, it's drugs. Yup.